Weekly Floral Service for your NYC home.

By July 25, 2015Flower Talk
Weekly flowers to accent your home - Upper East Side
Weekly flowers to accent your home - Upper East Side

Flowers make your every day life, better!  They lift our moods, offer a burst of color & style and keep us in touch with the natural outdoors.  They add a touch of contrast, warmth & liveliness to an otherwise, sharp lined, modern space.  In traditional homes, they are the perfect accent to your upscale, elegant environment. Even if casually arranged, they can remind you of your getaway, Summer home.

Consider working with us to have flowers delivered and installed onsite to fit your interior style and personal preferences.  Beautiful, premium, seasonal blooms will be provided on a weekly basis to bring the fresh, colorful outdoors to your life.

Contact Tricia for an onsite consultation. She works intimately with each select client to assure you will not end up with poorly designed, outdated flowers.  She will offer options and price points specific to your needs. She personally oversees all of the gorgeous arrangements we provide.

We look forward to connecting and will be happy to accent your life!