Françoise Weeks is coming to NYC Wednesday April 30 and Thursday May 1, 2014 – 9am to 4pm

Hosted at Tricia M Florals Located in New York’s fashionable, Chelsea neighborhood.


Woodland and Botanical Couture Workshop

Class size is limited to 5 students.  Create and keep your designs.
Please bring your own tools, i.e. clippers., scissors, wire cutters and knives.

Lunch 12PM to 1PM: there are many restaurants in the neighborhood or bring your own

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Wednesday April 30: Woodland arrangements

In this workshop you will learn the mechanics behind creating textural and detailed designs that will expand the way you think about flowers. This workshop offers practical, hands-on experience that will further develop your own skills and increase your confidence to explore outside the box. After a demonstration of techniques and mechanics, you will design your own pieces.
For Françoise, the Woodlands sprouted from a childhood memory that took a life of its own. Using foliage, bark, berries, seedpods, twigs, mushrooms, herbs and some flowers, we’ll explore how to make woodland bouquets as well as centerpieces. You will hone your artistic talents and will be encouraged to listen to your own intuition and further your own vision.

Thursday May 1: Botanical Couture

We’ll explore different ideas for botanical purses as centerpieces and will discuss sourcing materials and the mechanics involved to create a wide variety of these unique designs. The afternoon session will focus on botanical headpieces.

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