A Story begins

Summer Time

woodland flowersWhen Tricia was a child, spending carefree days swimming in the lake and running through the woods of her Grandparent’s lovely cottage was a big part of her life.  Their 1940’s home was surrounded by vast woodlands and streams, which allowed for endless Summer days spent exploring nature’s offerings. As she grew older she  was given a 35mm, SLR camera and she became further obsessed with exploring through the lens of photography and drawing and painting.  She has always had a keen sense of composition, color and her environment and an understanding of what it takes to make great design connect to her client’s lives.  Today, you can see a combination of natural elements, flowers, materials fused with texture, high-end structures and design.


Tricia has built upon an extensive Fine Art and Design background & combines her detailed understanding of style, color and form with over a decade of providing flowers for large & small upscale weddings and events.  

Tricia M FloralsDue to requests for high end, floral design for her executive clientele, Tricia now works out of her studio conveniently located on the Chelsea / Flatiron border to offer local clients a unique, individualized experience which keeps her close to the NYC flower market on 28th street.

At Tricia M. we have  turned our attention to creating a boutique floral business to meet the personal needs of a discriminating clientele.  Focused on intimate gatherings, small scale events, private residences and corporate flower accounts, we are available to meet with you to discuss how we can benefit you and your family.  We are also available to creatively design for historic film sets and high end fashion events.  We are excited to meet with you to discuss what’s possible.


Our Style

At Tricia M., flowers have become her go to expression of her creative training. She is interested in the sheer natural beauty of flowers in their own right, in the power to accent the occasions of your life and in the use of unusual structures and elements to create truly bespoke florals.  “Organic, loose flowing, modern blooms and tight, chic, architectural designs are often married in my work.  I love soft flowers with hard dark foliage – the drama is fantastic!”  This shows up in spectacular, eye catching, one-of-a-kind florals.

IMG_4673-phals-berriesEvery few years flower trends can get stuck in one style but we are interested in being ahead of the trends by exploring modern & historical european & asian style floristry in our work. Our Edgy, New York City forward thinking combines with a deep fascination of materials found in the natural world.  Our meticulous handling and white glove service really brings a high end, couture expression to your event and flower requests. Premium, romantic blooms expressed in elegant, modern design is our first priority.  Sophisticated, edgy and modern, yet still romantic is the result.

“What my client is looking for is really important to me. I do not subscribe to one particular style & force ideas on them but instead I am willing to respect the needs of all of my clients and I consider our discussion and their desires, ideas and needs a jumping off point.”  I look forward to collaborating with you on your next event.