Summer berries are here!

By August 14, 2014Flower Talk

Being located in NYC but still close enough to so many local flower farms we are so fortunate to be able to source so many different flowers and foliage for our clients.  This is the kind of product which makes me really appreciate seasonal flowers. Summer brings so many gorgeous flowers but it’s the berries that add so much texture to high end natural and garden style bouquets.  They can also be used in our modern interpretations to accent residence interiors or corporate gatherings.

SnowberryWaxberry or Ghostberry, is a small genus of 15 species and are part of the honeysuckle family.  They are so pretty but poisonous to humans, tho birds such as quail and pheasant eat them abundantly.  Some experts claim they can be eaten when cooked but I’d do more research before trying them.

The berries are truly the most beautiful part of the shrub but they are a nod towards the soon to be shortening of summer days.

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