Garden roses- are they a favorite of yours?

By August 25, 2014Flower Talk

They are most certainly one of ours!  Even tho there are so many gorgeous unique blooms across the globe, Garden roses really pack that “wow” factor as they emit so much lush texture , high end hues and come in so many varieties. How can we ignore their beauty?  The garden rose evokes images of years gone by and yet returns to a modern metropolis with an elegant, upscale style.  They really are a luxury flower as their lifespan can be fleeting.  Some varieties are hardier than others but they all bring luxurious, visual appeal to your event or ceremony.

Here’s some interesting info: Roses have existed at least 5000 yrs ago and were recorded as of 500BC. and yet are still one of the most popular flowers to be used in NYC weddings, gift bouquets and private events.  Within the class of garden roses there are Wild roses, Tea roses, Noisette, Moss roses, the ever popular cabbage roses as seen in our picture and even Portland roses, not related in any way to Portland, Oregon.  They originate from the Dutchess of portland’s who received this rose from Italy, and now has grown the whole class from that single rose.

So that’s as much as I have time for today as I need to design these into a fabulous entrance piece for one of my favorite customers.

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