Saying goodbye to Zinnias!

By October 7, 2013Flower Talk

For sheer lusciousness of color and form, very few flowers can rival the zinnia (except maybe of course, the dahlia, but we can save that for another post). Whatever your mood, there is a zinnia to match it, amplify it, or even change it, completely. Looking for something muted and subdued? Brash and exuberant? Spare and structural or dripping with petals? A conspicuous center or one that’s barely there? Tricia M embraces the challenge of using this familiar garden flower in new and surprising ways.

If you are lucky enough to live or work in New York City, this is the time to head over to a green market and drink it all in. Our studio is near Union Square, and our trips to the market tend to stretch out this time of year. It is so glorious to spend a sunny day surrounded by all of that radiating color. And there is nothing like a cloudy day to set off those vibrant pinks, corals and greens. Of course, the more somber muted colors—dusty roses and purples, sometimes with a band of green, are always intriguing. One of our favorites sports an ombre gradient from coral to cream, very chic. Summer is fleeting, and soon it will be all chrysanthemums and kale. Immerse yourself in the finest, final and best last gasps of summer.

Laurie Needell

Photo: Tricia M.


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