Poppies-Pay attention quickly as they get taken away by the very next breeze…

By June 5, 2013Flower Talk
— Poppies- these are one of my very favorite flowers but their time with us is nothing more than fleeting. It’s almost as if once they open they blow away in the wind to find new places to crop up next year, tempting me to slow down and catch their beauty. One needs to notice them quickly if you want to savor their wrinkled, papery appearance.

At Tricia M., we use them mostly in the end of April or the beginning of May- that’s when they are most abundant. They come in pale peach, {my favorite at the moment}, soft yellow, white, coral and bright, almost fluorescent orange.

How to arrange them, well it depends on the designer and the client.
Poppies lend themselves well to clean, modern spaces. They can stand free with their curling looping stems or they can be used cut short to show off the amazing delicate petals. They are fickle so be sure to contact us if you want poppies in your wedding bouquet or your next dinner party.