Peonies Everywhere!

By June 11, 2012Flower Talk

YES! Peony season again. With all the rain we’ve been having it’s hard to believe it’s June and that Summer is nearly here, & that in between time is Peony time. Although, florist’s can get them nearly all year round, I’d prefer the in season local varieties. They are hardier and save on emissions when transporting.

Peonies are also the most favored Bridal flower even over Roses. They aren’t just for bridal bouquets & at Tricia M. we use them for many different requests. When I was young, peonies were never my favorite because they used to seem “old fashioned” or “girly” flowers but as I’ve spent so much time with them, they’ve become one of my favorites. I just love the texture & the numerous varieties & they are quick to open so they are great for parties. I like to mix them with dark foliage or other dark blooms to create moody drama.

Some of the colors they come in are dark cherry, lt. pink, fuscia, dark red, coral, cream & white. There are even the little yellow single petal peonies that are so delicate and lend a vintage feel to any modern arrangement. Clients do want to know, “how long they last” & I can say, it varies. Some varieties are waxy and hold longer, others open in one or two days and are shattering on the third day. But that’s the thing about beautiful flowers. Their beauty is fleeting but oh so memorable.

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