Nick Cave at Jack Shainman Gallery – right up the street from Tricia M.

By August 25, 2014Flower Talk

Jack Shainman brings us some of the more awesome shows in NYC!  link to the show

Bring the kids, be a kid-think of the possibilities. Check out Nick’s awesome suits – September 4th!

Mark your calendars! Nick Cave will be discussing his incredible new book, “Epitome,” with our chief curator Nato Thompson on September 10 at NYPL The New York Public Library. This monograph surveys Cave’s gorgeous, genre-defying Soundsuits, installations, and performance work—including his “HEARD•NY” with Creative Time last spring. (Also be sure to check out his concurrent exhibitions at Jack Shainman Gallery.)

Best of all, it’s free! More info here:

 (4 photos Of Nick Cave on Facebook)