Looking back & ahead to Spring/Summer Events 2016

By February 1, 2016Flower Talk
NYC Nomad Hotel - Private, High End, Modern, flowers, event, design
NYC Nomad Hotel - Private, High End, Modern, flowers, event, design

I’m thinking ahead with this gorgeous picture from one of our events from Summer 2015.
This event was over the top in Style and fun- held on the NOMAD rooftop in the Flatiron district of NYC.

What a glamorous spot to hold an event in the Summer as the breezes blow through their beautiful open drapery, giving it a hint of a Moroccan vibe. We went with the flow of the space and created complimentary florals and decor so bold and exciting, the whole place was a buzz!  The event was planned by the talented Andrea of www.nyluxevents.com was an extraordinary evening for the guest of honor who was celebrating his 60th birthday with close friends and family.

Gorgeous, luxury florals combined with the perfect choice of  lanterns lit up the night while NYC comedy team shared the room. To top off the evening Melanie of www.minimelanie.com provided gorgeous mini desserts and sweets. As the night came to darkness, one could peek over the terrace and gaze out onto a spectacular NYC city view.

Contact Tricia for a personal design consultation. She works intimately with her event planners and coordinators to insure a seamless event.  Every phase of planning and execution can be handled by our team. To assure you will have cutting edge floral design and a cohesive event, she will connect you to the most experienced planners and we will tailor your event specific to your needs. We personally oversee all of the gorgeous arrangements/ designs/ fashion couture we provide.

We look forward to connecting and will be happy to design your upcoming occasion.