Not a flower post: Last days of Hayv Kahraman-Iranian artist in Chelsea, NYC

By October 8, 2013Flower Talk

Hayv Kahraman works are thought provoking and interesting to my partner and me as we enjoy our bi-monthly gallery walks. It’s a quick walk west up 20th St. in the Flatiron district to the Chelsea Galleries, and we participate as often as we can.  We often glance through many gallery windows and only step in if something grabs our attention.  There is much revisiting of minimalist work recently and this show called out to us as clever and unique with a lot to say, even if in a subtle way.  I am just sharing two pieces, one is very puzzle-like, forcing the viewer to remain within the confines of the rooms, and the transparent figures are most elegant and delicately handled in their rendering.   We experience the tension on viewing the paneled pieces sanded to perfection, the connecting rooms and the pained figure struggling to break free, clearly tormented. Still the woman is stuck within those  panels (rooms) while evoking a feeling of transcendence.  The second piece demonstrates a life that the artist witnesses and many women experience as an every day occurrence.  One feels a bit voyeuristic as one peeps through the wooden carvings which seem to represent religious doors of a certain iconography or perhaps just Arabic architecture familiar to all.

These works are inspiring, risky and clearly controversial in Iran, but certainly they go a long way at reminding us what we often don’t see here in the states.   I don’t want to explain more as I’m not an art critic, just an artist inspired by Hayv Kahraman’s bold works. They are beautiful, important and informing.

If you can step out and see this work @ Jack Shainman Galler 513 W. 20th St. NYC- there is much to contemplate here. The show is up until October 12, 2013

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