Hurricane Sandy

By October 31, 2012Flower Talk


I‘m certain everyone local and afar are so affected by the large devastation going on all around NYC and in NJ and Connecticut, let alone the rest of the country. It has brought about a tight sense of community and thoughtful volunteer support that seems to just keep coming. My neighbors, who up to this time have not quite connected, finally softened up a bit and extended a welcoming smile and a hello.

I think, as New Yorkers, we can be quite tough & trudge on despite a world spinning on around us.  It seemed we hoped things might just return to normal sooner than later, but on our drive into Manhattan on Wed. we were awakened by the total gridlock due to lack of power and hit with a further realization that things might take a little longer to get back in order. Driving amongst the blackout buildings for endless blocks, though intense to experience, reminded me of how vulnerable & challenged we all are and so many of the families are during such a major devastation.

If you wish to donate to the recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy you can do so through the American Red Cross. The link is here, RED CROSS DONATIONS

Wishing all of the families who have been so deeply affected a speedy recovery and safety going forward.