Flower service to resume on Nov. 5, 2012

By November 4, 2012Flower Talk

Fortunately, things are moving in the right direction as the weekend wears on.  I just want to share, we are back up and running.  We lost a lot of product with our coolers down as did so many, but nothing is more deserving of our attention than those that struggle to repair, rebuild and start over.

My daughter and I spent the remainder of the week working with grassroots relief groups in Brooklyn.  All I can say is what an amazing group of people.  Diversified groups came together to clean out homes, prepare food and distribute essentials to those in need.

Congratulations to the Marathoners who stayed and gave support to the decimated areas of Brooklyn & Staten Island.  What an amazing attitude these runners displayed.  Even through major disappointment, they reached into their hearts and supported others.  My daughter witnessed many runners who chose to stay and help and I think it was an uplifting experience for the whole city to see this positive example of the human spirit. I personally was touched by Bloomberg’s about face decision to cancel the marathon in the face of losing much needed revenue, which clearly provided a cohesive state in NYC.

Great to see the unification created by this recent challenge to the entire Eastern seaboard.

Tricia M.

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