End of Dahlia season!

By October 28, 2014Flower Talk

I love Dahlias-and interesting to note, Dahlias are native to Mexico and Central America.  I find that interesting because they have always reminded me of more of a flower to be used in european classic, garden style arrangements.  Tho there has been new air breathed into them (not that they needed it) by way of current floral design- Trick is to use them with gorgeous counterparts to accent their boldfaced beauty rather than pile them in with similar fare.  Dahlias were discovered in the 16th century at least that is how it’s written.  They were used for food and to treat epilepsy.  In the 1780’s however, the French got their hands on them.. and sent them back to Europe to be cultivated in local gardens.  Enjoy this last pic of Late Summer fare while we head into a cooler but visually appealing season in the Northeast.