Ellen de Meijer at Unix Gallery NYC

By July 22, 2014Flower Talk

Ellen De Meijer

b. 1955, Netherlands

On a recent gallery stroll through our Chelsea neighborhood.. we found so many of the galleries were closed in prep for Fall shows and to perhaps take a much needed break from the city.  We persisted and found this artist’s work.  I really love the ethereal quality to her work  and an almost sweet expression and handling of the paint.  Confrontation is obvious with the blank forward stares void of expression but in the children we see emotions.. fear mainly..exuding a psychological depth not always seen in today’s work, but appreciated none-the-less.

From her Bio:
“Her current paintings thus strive to reflect her long-time quest, to communicate her thoughts and views in a complete image – one that marries the seen and the unseen – and they therefore possess an ability to communicate with every individual viewer. More and more convinced that there exists no such thing as ‘a truth’ or ‘a reality’ that is commonplace to every individual, these recent works might just hold the answer then, to what she so desired to express.”

Summer Show

July 17 – September 6, 2014
New York

Opening Reception:
July 17, 6 – 8 PM

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